Modal Solutions examines the “current model” of our client’s transportation and logistics commitments and by thorough analysis determines if there are plausible changes that can serve to improve the performance of the “current model”. 

No company should be satisfied that they have implemented all that can be done to improve cost and efficiency in their supply chain. Modal Solutions, an experienced and knowledgeable transportation/logistics firm with over 40 years of hands on experience, was created to improve and assist shippers, private fleets, motor carriers and truck brokerage firms in their efforts to find and utilize superior methods and resources.


Providing transportation/logistics solutions and resources to improve cost and efficiency while enhancing customer service.

Our industry has no room for complacency as we are constantly being challenged with return on investments, held inventory, driver and capacity shortages, rising transportation costs, federal regulations and other factors impacting bottom line performance.

Clients choose Modal Solutions because we are a diverse organization committed to providing a cost effective, diligent analysis of our client’s business.  Our reputation in the industry is one of honesty, experience and efficiency; that’s why we continue to grow and thrive. We are excited to help you realize the potential of your supply chain and  invite you to contact us for consultation about your business.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Modal Solutions leverages extensive experience to streamline and enhance transportation, logistics, and supply chain networks.  Challenging conventional processes and providing innovative solutions, we give clients a competitive edge in a constantly evolving market.